About us

Angus's Story

Angus Durran Fudge

Born in Bombay, India and raised in Zimbabwe, Angus started his interest in fudge-making at the early age of 10 when he made fudge on his mother’s stove, for boarding school tuck.  His interest continued at senior school when he used to sell fudge to his school mates.

In 1983 Angus completed a round-the-world trip.  While in New Zealand he ran a small, Auckland-based fudge factory. After returning to South Africa, he started his own fudge business. The business grew from a stovetop-based one man operation to the family run company it is today.

Having had over 30 years of experience in commercial fudge-making, Angus believes he offers some of the finest fudge available.  No microwaves, no margarine, simply made in the slow, old-fashioned way using farm butter.   

He takes pride in establishing a warm personal relationship with his customers and will go the extra mile to provide them with a top- quality product backed up with excellent service. (See testimonial page.)

What we offer:

We specialise in providing quality fudge in bulk quantities. We provide the perfect solution to Hotels, Distributors and Corporate needs.

We are able to provide customised packaging to suit your needs. Our packaging solutions are cost-effective because of our unique process. 

We also provide a range of other products; Biscotti, Truffels and delicious shortbread.


Why Us?

  • More than 30 years of experience
  • Proven track record shown by our previous clients, Including well-known hotels. (see previous clients)
  • Unrivalled product and service (see testimonials)
  • Quality ingredients
  • Unique packaging solutions
  • Outstanding client relations due to our small size

Giving Back and CSR

Our staff are given time to practice meditation which fosters increased happiness and health. Through this same programme we contribute towards a fund that supports a world wide peace initiative. We also donate fudge towards certain charity based events.

We are 100% BEE compliant.