Branded Packaging

Dont make your give away a throw away. Brand it!

” In the beginning it was just about the business; now its about the brand” – Sir Richard Brandson

Branded Packaging

We are able to provide customised and branded packaging to suit your needs. Our unique methods allow for this to be done at a fraction of the cost when compared to the competition. We are able to provide any of our boxes with your companies brand or special message printed on it. There is an initial start up cost for us to create the template needed, but after that costs remain incredibly low, allowing for bulk purchasing. If this does not suit you, consider some of our in-house, Durran’s packaging. 

We are able to provide unique packaging to suit any brand or occasion. If this does not interest you we have a wide range of our own packaging that will provide you with our own unique style and brand. Contact us to discuss your needs. See some examples of our packaging below:

Eco Friendly Packaging Options

recycled packaging

We offer a variety of recycled packaging options. Through sourcing environmentally friendly products, hotels and companies can align themselves with a vision for the future.

Eco friendly packaging