Contact us to discuss your unique wholesale requirements

Wholesale and Bulk

With a three-month shelf life our fudge is perfect for wholesale. Our current manufacturing methods allow us to be the leading wholesale and bulk fudge provider in the country. Our unique process allows for a high quality product to be manafactured in large quantites, meaning incredible value is provided.

We provide our fudge to many shops, distribution agents and wholesales country wide.  The small size of our business allows us to work closely with each customer to ensure their needs are met. We are able to provide our own packaging, or provide you with your own customised packaging.

Buying in larger quantities allows us to provide you with a lower cost, as to allow for margins for the wholesaler or distributor. Contact us to discuss your unique requirements.


Some options

We are able to provide bulk fudge per kilogram and are also able to provide shippers(see picture below) containing a choice of the following:

  • 14 tins or 40 bars
  • 120 pcs
  • 90 pcs
If these do not suit your needs, please contact us regarding your requirements.